The Story Behind Enchanted Hair Extensions

Once upon a time, short, dull, lifeless hair was trapped in the style it was bound to. For years this led women everywhere to the curse of bad hair extensions and then one day the fairytale ending of long, flowing, beautiful hair began! Finally Enchanted Hair Extensions are available to ensure your hair has a happy ending. Experience expert application of European hair delivered straight from the UK, for the most natural, comfortable extensions on the market.

100% Root Point Correct

Enchanted Hair Extensions are the only company in Australia to supply genuine European hair which is guaranteed 100% root point correct.  Even the less expensive range is a very high quality product.


Our system is new to Western Australia and is the leading application method in the UK. No tape, microbeads or u tips.

  • looks and feels just like your own hair
  • no tangles
  • undetectable
  • comfortable
  • secure
  • not prebonded
  • ratio correct
  • stays healthy, smooth, and vibrant
  • expert application
  • no damage to your natural hair
  • can add length, volume or colour

The ultimate system in human hair extensions

Enchanted Hair Extensions are not prebonded so the stylist has the freedom to customise and create an individual set of hair extensions for each individual customer.

Enchanted Hair Extensions are only available from professionals in the hair industry. A technician must be a qualified hairdresser to enrol on the training course, so you know you are in the best hands.  The only finish you will have with Enchanted Hair Extensions is a top of the market result.

More length . More volume .  More colour

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